Eating a diet like that of a caveman would seem, at first glance, to be very unappetizing. You don’t want to gnaw on barely-cooked chicken drumsticks or crunch carrots or radishes every day, do you? In fact, the only thing a caveman likely ate that you’d want to eat too would be a fire-roasted piece of steak. Otherwise, you’re a pizza and fries kind of person. But those foods don’t fit into a true Paleolithic diet. Or do they?

Eating healthy is your goal, but that doesn’t mean that you have to eat boring foods or the same menu over and over again. The paleo diet millions follow today includes such dishes as pizza, spaghetti, fries, chili and even desserts. They’re prepared differently than the traditional recipes, but they taste just as good, and they’re so much better for you. Whether you want to feed your friends while you’re watching a game or you need to impress guests with a multiple course sit-down dinner, you can quickly find some simply amazing paleo diet recipes online.

You may have relied on cereal, bagels or muffins and coffee as your standard breakfast foods for years. With a diet focused primarily on the types of foods that were available to Paleolithic peoples, you’ll need to change your mindset about the perfect breakfast foods. Of course, omelets are a good breakfast or brunch dish. But did you know that for special occasions waffles can still be part of your diet? Waffles made with almond flour and topped with pomegranate seeds provide an unusual take on the usual breakfast fare.

Paleolithic recipes don’t have to be extremely complicated with numerous steps. Quick and easy lunches can feature recipes such as chicken salad with grapes, apples, and cranberries. Holding this recipe together is a Paleo mayonnaise consisting of egg yolks, mustard and two kinds of oil. Sweet potato lime soup, a pureed mixture of flavors that intrigues the palate, can make lunch guests sit up and take notice of the incredible things you can do with an old-fashioned diet.

There’s nothing like a hearty beef stew to warm you on a cold evening. The paleo diet cookbook version includes everything you’d find in a traditional beef stew, including a couple of potatoes if you prefer. The fresh thyme and rosemary add the spiciness you may not have ever tasted in a stew before. Of course, you have to try the Paleo pizza. A crust made of coconut flour and almond meal, meat toppings, and your favorite sauce will help make this your favorite kind of pizza, hands down.

Desserts, smoothies, and snacks are all part of what has been called the Caveman’s Diet. You won’t go hungry, and you won’t miss any of the foods you’ve given up. Instead, you’ll be replacing them with a diet that much healthier and flavorful too.