The paleo diet is an eating plan based on the way the ancient man was thought to eat. Some of the items that can be eaten are lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Grains, legumes, oils that are processed, dairy, salt, and sugar are not included in the eating plan. Food can be cooked. Water is allowable, however, beverages such as sodas or coffee are not allowed.

There are places in the world where cancer, heart disease, and diabetes don’t really exist. People are proving this may be due to the fact that they eat closer to the way ancient man used to eat. Indigenous people with diets that do not contain processed foods seem to not have to deal with the same issues that plague people who partake in modern conveniences such as fast food and prepackaged meals.

Since foods that are high in fiber are encouraged, this diet can help people who have issues with constipation and it can help people who have high cholesterol. Adding more fiber to the diet can also help those who need to lose weight. Fiber helps people feel full for longer which is a benefit to people who normally feel hungry when they have followed calorie restricted diets. This plan does not involve counting calories at all. The paleo diet recipes do not involve eating a lot of carbohydrates which can also help people lose weight. There are many tasty and healthy recipes that can be found in a paleo diet cookbook.

Another benefit of the diet is that does not involve processed foods. Many foods that are processed have all sorts of things added to them in order to extend their shelf lives. People following the plan do not have to worry about ingesting artificial ingredients since they are following a clean way of eating.

The plan can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels within a few weeks. People who have followed the diet have also experienced less pain in their joints, better mood, and a reversal of gray hair, more energy, and clearer skin. Some followers have also seen changes in their teeth since they no longer have to deal with the plaque.

It can be somewhat costly for people to follow the diet since items found in produce and meat departments can be some of the most expensive items purchased in the grocery store. However, people can save money by purchasing food at farmer’s markets, growing some of their own produce, or perusing store ads and purchasing fruits and vegetables that are on sale. They may spend more on groceries but they have the opportunity to save money since many people are able to stop taking prescription medications that they used to need on a daily basis. People receive the ability to have lives that are of a better quality and may possibly have longer lives as well.